TSUBU NIGHT RICH Pack Milia Oil (oil bumps)/Wart/Skin Tags Remover 30g
RM99.00 RM129.00
TSUBU NIGHT RICH Pack Milia Oil (oil bumps)/Wart/Skin Tags Remover 30g
Price RM99.00 RM129.00
Brand Tsubu
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Nightly intensive Rich eye care
For use at night to remove milia, oil bumps, skin tag and wart from skin around the eyes
Contains 10 kinds of plant extracts can help anti-inflammatory and repair
Removes oil bumps and unwanted warts with premium medical grade ingredients
Takes care of dark bumps caused by UV
 *Intensive version
*2 x more effective than normal version

 Direction for use:

- Firstly, wash your face and towel dry. Ensure that the milia/skintag/wart area is clean and dry.

- Squeeze a small amount of cream and apply onto the millia/skintag/wart. Ensure that it is fully covered.

- When millia/skintag/wart is dried up, gently remove/peel it off.

- For best result, apply the cream before sleeping and leave it overnight. 



- Not for use on abrasion/broken skin.

- Avoid eyelid or inner eye area in case the product gets into the eye.

- If redness, inflammation, itchiness or pain is observed, stop usage and consult a doctor.

- Store product in a cool place, and avoid direct sunlight.

- Not to be used during pregnancy or on breast area while breastfeeding.

- Consult doctor before use if there are any unstable skin condition

添加了杏仁提取物,玻尿酸和胶原蛋白集中护理, 脱落脂肪粒护理皮肤。