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TOAMIT Japan Virus Shut Out Anti-Bacteria & Virus Air Mask Badge with Neck Strap (for 30 days)
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Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 5 cm x 3 cm
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* Experimentally proven to effectively block airborne particles and bacteria, as well as various epidemic viruses
* Helps to eliminate planktonic bacteria, influenza and other viruses, reducing the chance of being infected or infecting others

* Suitable for everyone, especially suitable for sick patients / people with low immunity / BB / children / pregnant women / elderly / long-term access to hospitals and clinics with more bacteria

* Can remove planktonic odor, smoke and sweat
* Valid after opening 30 days
* With neck strap
* Attachment: body x1, neckband x1
* Expiration date: 30 days after opening the cover, it is invalid and needs to be discarded.

✦ ingredients
* Chlorine dioxide (sodium chlorite, natural zeolite)



The product cannot be eaten; do not use it other than designed applications

If the product is accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of water and spit it out;

If the product accidentally enters into the eyes, wash eyes with plenty of water;

If it is used in a windy condition, it may not serve the designed purpose;

The product is a weak bleaching agent. Do not put directly on top on clothes for long time;

Do not put the product into fire although it is not flammable;

Do not keep the product close to metal product easily get rust.

✦How to use
Take out the "Virus Shut Out" body, attach it to the connected neckband, and hang it on the neck

✦Place of origin: Japan