Rohto Lycee Eye Wash Cleansing Lotion 80ML
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Rohto Lycee Eye Wash Cleansing Lotion 80ML
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This eye wash lotion helps to keep your eyes clean and comfortable anytime. Especially after using electronic equipment for a long time.
You will feel your eyes much more refreshing and comfortable right after using it!!
Also, you can easy find the dirt from the washing cap after washing your eyes.

-- Contains 3 types of vitamins, which are Vitamin B6, B12 and E, heighten the eye nourishing, anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial performance.
-- Also, it contains Hyaluronic acid Na which can strengthen the cleansing performance and moisturize your eyes. 
-- Reduce eye strain and tiredness.
-- Highly Recommend using it after swimming, removing make-up or any other outdoor activity.
-- With light&nice rose fragrance.

How to Use:
(1) Pour 5 ml into the special design bottle cap, and cover your one eye with it directly.
(2) Look down and blink your eyes several times in the eyewash.(Do not last more than 10 seconds)
(3) Wash the cap after using it.

Note: 3-6 times per day.