Quality First All-in-one Sheet Mask Moist  Large pack 3 types
RM89.00 - RM119.00 RM129.00 - RM159.00
Quality First All-in-one Sheet Mask Moist Large pack 3 types
Price RM89.00 - RM119.00 RM129.00 - RM159.00
Brand Quality First
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Pink - Regular - 50 SHEETS

Japan Cosme best seller!
"Quality first all-in-one sheet mask moist 50 pieces", is a hearty 700 ml using a moisturizing treatment 1 bag per pack sheet by sheet type. After cleansing skin care this one OK all-in-one sheet mask is on. Blend carefully selected 35 types of cosmetic ingredients. Adoption-friendly natural cotton sheet of Ehime Prefecture plant gently woven by sheer force of water. Sheet thickness approximately 28% (* sheet weight) than conventional, cosmetic ingredients with plenty of efficiently deliver on the skin that becomes possible. And mesh processing, increased softness and adhesive properties. Preservative-free and environmentally friendly, Hypo-and the first large mask has been realized.
How to use the
Clean after cleansing the skin please use. Open the bag and mask remove one at a time from the top. 
Peel off mask and fits the portion of the eyes and mouth, as about 10-15 minutes later, removed mask wipe gently across your face.
Please note
-Skin sores or rashes, eczema, rashes, etc. of when there is abnormal, please refrain from using. 

Black - Anti aging - 30 SHEETS

The best Anti-aging face mask
Additive-free facial mask includes 63 types of beauty ingredients

Furnishes the skin with a firm and elastic younger-looking skin look with a healthy glow.
Using the multilayer structure stretchy mask sheet.
Preservative-free and the first large amount of mask has been realized.


White - Whitening - 30 SHEETS

All-in-one sheet mask moist white version.
Placenta extract EX 50% compounded, to thick transparent feeling moisture in the soft domestic pure cotton full skin.
First "preservative free" in large capacity mask also realized.