Mote Uzu

Flowfushi’s sudden announcement last September that they were shutting down was a shock for fans of their cult hits like the Moteliner,Motemascara, and LIP38℃ lip glosses. After being flooded with stressed-out enquiries, Flowfushi publicly stated that there was no need to stock up on their products, and to trust and wait to see what would happen.

In October 2018, Flowfushi launched LIP38℃ Final Edition +UnFrame, a set of two lip glosses. The marketing around this launch was these products were Flowfushi’s final “statement”

UZU shares a lot of similarities to Flowfushi. For one, they’re still great at marketing, and at coming up with fun, inventive, and somewhat progressive messages behind their products. Here’s a translation their new brand statement:

Just like making cosmetics for the first time.  

Forget any preconceptions about what cosmetics are.

See the world from a brand new perspective.

Question the rules, rewrite the rules, and discover a space where we enjoy being free.

Because there were no frames when we first experienced beauty.

Just like using cosmetics for the first time. 

Forget any preconceptions about what you are.

See the world from a brand new perspective.

Question what suits you, rewrite what suits you, and find a version of yourself where you enjoy being free.

Because there were no frames when we first experienced beauty.

Judging from the wide range of bold colors the Eye Opening Liner is launching with, it seems as though UZU are looking to go for some riskier product choices. Previously, Flowfushi was known for making well-formulated basics like mascara and eyeliner. While their marketing was inventive and bold, the products themselves were not statement pieces.

While it’s hard to know what the future direction of the brand will be, it’ll be interesting to see how their strategy changes as they proactively seek out a space in the international market.

The big selling point of the new UZU eyeliners is the color range. While the original MoteLiners came in a fairly generous lineup, UZU Eye Opening Liner comes in 13 shades including pink, yellow, light blue, and orange. Of course, their famous range of browns and blacks are still available, too.

If you have used the Flowfushi MoteLiner, the design of the UZU Eye Opening Liner will not be a huge change for you. The Yamato Takumi™ brush used for the Eye Opening Liner features a similar blend of fibers inspired by traditional Japanese brush-making techniques. The handle of the liner, too, is of a similar ergonomic, octagonal design.

According to the UZU marketing, there are 28% more bristles in this brush, which has better tension and springiness. The eyeliner formulation itself is called WP Film™, and is said to be long-wearing and resistant to moisture, humidity, and oil.

What is new is that the UZU Eye Opening Liner is advertised as 100% vegan and cruelty free. This liner is also free of parabens, gluten, and alcohol, and has been allergy and patch tested for sensitive skin.