MDC Metabolic x Enzyme Diet Pill Japan Weight Loss Formula 1 Pack 132 Caps
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MDC Metabolic x Enzyme Diet Pill Japan Weight Loss Formula 1 Pack 132 Caps
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Rank#1 in Japan 
Rakuten website under best diet supplement category.
Awarded as 2013 top 100-Best recommendation product prize by Japan bloggers.


Not only you will slim down naturally, the product will also help you gain beautiful & supple skin.

Contains aloe, patented Yeast Fermentation Peptide and,

Contains 108 types of vegetables enzyme which gives you a lot of nutrition which may not always be available from daily meals. 


There 108 kinds of vegetable fermented extracts:

108 kinds of vegetables and asian herbs are blended and fermented with the lactic acid bacterium, enzyme bacterium, and yeast plant. The108 kinds of vegetable fermented extracts are added to the herbal active enzyme finally. Your body will enjoy a lots of nutrients & energy from active enzymes yet works effectively for body slimming and beauty. Enzymes will also help on skin problem, reduction of weight and tiredness. 

 Patented Yeastferment peptide

It prevent the hunger during diet.

It is developed by the patented technology that yeast ferment is solubilized with protease to reduce about 10000 molecular weight.

Aloe arborescens

It helps detox and maintain healthy digest system. 

1pack = 132 capsules


Take 2 tablets daily with a cup of water. Recommended to take before dinner. 


Keep this product away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humid places.

Do not take more than the daily recommendation.

Stop taking if you feel uncomfortable or experience any rashes. Consult a doctor immediately

Do not take if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Ask doctor if you are under medicated condition.

Please consult your doctor before taking this product if you are on any medication.