Ishizawa Keana Baking Soda Scrub Wash 100g
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Ishizawa Keana Baking Soda Scrub Wash 100g
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Brand Keana
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A hydrating facial cleanser with pore care benefits!
Formulated with an Amino Acid-based cleansing ingredient that cleanses away the excessive dirt and sebum on the skin. 
Skin is hydrated and smooth after cleansing!

Baking soda melts easily in water , therefore, the edges on the crystals  come off, and cleanses away the dirt and dead cells without harming the top layer of the skin.

Includes  a Amino Acid-based cleansing ingredient that only cleanses away the excessive dirt remained on the skin. So the skin is  hydrated

and smooth after cleansing the face!

Black head pores (strawberry pores)

Caused by blackheads that originate from sebum and dead skin cells.

Pores that have built up blackheads overturn 4 times faster than pores that does not build blackheads. When the turnover of the pores become disturbed, excessive amounts of dead skin cells ends up remaining on the skin. The dead skin cells clog the pores, mixes up with the sebum and therefore become blackheads and widen the pores. 

The baking soda melts away the black heads.

Bumpy Pores(Orange Pores)

Caused by dead skin cells that harden up due to dryness

Orange pores build up on parts that become dry easily such as the cheek. When the sebum is excessively secreted due to dryness, the pores widen. When the dead skin cells buildup on widened pores, the pores become fixed.

The soft baking soda scrub wraps up the dead skin cells.

The foam which includes the melted baking soda hydrates

the hardened dead cells and cleanses it away.