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Kanebo Milano Collection 2016 Face Up Powder Limited Edition
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Brand Kanebo
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It brings out the beauty of the base makeup, presto type of face powder to finish in bright soft impression.

As moisturizing ingredient and blended extract the "Edelweiss" is also a design motif.
Smooth as velvet, moist feel, finish the skin with a sense of transparency. Silky powder keep a long time and fit the brightness of the skin.

Milano Collection 2016 Theme and Motif

Theme: "Mebae no Tenshi(Sprout Angel)

themeCutting off the atmosphere that people were stagnant, we have the hope that is foreboding a new start.






EdelweissLanguage of flowers, "Courage", "precious memories".






caseThe premium design case with the image of a beautiful shining shells. Plump friendly motif featuring the brilliance of a sense of transparency pearl white will sparkle expressive.





Cashmere touch puff

puffIt is a pleasant and smooth puff make a uniform finish in skin. Is now made in Japan using the fiber technology of Fukui Prefecture.
Is a puff that has been designed for the Milano Collection.





  1. Edelweiss extract compounded (moisturizing), which is the design motif "Milano Collection 2016".
  2. Ideal for dry skin, do not let floury skin appearance and leaves a smooth finish on the skin.
  3. Royal jelly extract compounding (moisturizing)..
  4. The appearance of transparency and brightness is maintained for a long time in the skin.
  5. SPF14 · PA ++
  • Made in Japan
  • 24g