Japan DR.CI : LABO  SUPER-100 SERIES EGF 10ml / 30ml
RM159.00 - RM290.00 RM199.00 - RM330.00
Japan DR.CI : LABO SUPER-100 SERIES EGF 10ml / 30ml
Price RM159.00 - RM290.00 RM199.00 - RM330.00
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Product Description
DR.CI:LABO’s SUPER-100 SERIES is a rich serum formulated with a high percentage of undiluted ingredients developed in our clinic.  By incorporating extremely valuable, premium ingredients that general cosmetics only contain a few percent of either in their undiluted form or in a highly concentrated form, we have made it possible to achieve definite result, resolving skin concerns in a short period of time.  By simply adding the ingredients you need to the products you are currently using, this series allows you to create an original product or skin care solution that is to your living. We have selected ingredients handpicked for both quality and effectiveness that are also used in medical cosmetics prescriptions.
SUPER-100 EGF is a beauty essence that promotes skin cell renewal and keeps the skin moisturized, firm and smooth.  It is also effective against acne scars and skin dullness, tightening of the pores and keeping skin balanced and clear.  This essence contains a rich concentration of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which helps reduce newly-developing wrinkles.
* EGF is a compound found in the human body, but it begins to decrease from age 20 on. This diminishing varies by person, but in general, by age 40,most people will have only one-half to one-third of the EGF’s they started with.  With the decrease in EGF, the skin’s natural turnover process slows down, meaning skin renewal starts to lag.  Once that happens, the stratum corneum thickens and causes wrinkles to appear.  On other words, EGF plays a large role in the slowing down of turnover cycles as we age.
Features & Benefits:
Super concentrated serum
No perfumes, No coloring, No mineral oils
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: (Morning and Evening)
I. Use it as a beauty serum:  After cleansing, use Super-100 Serum as a beauty serum by applying it directly to the skin.  Then, thoroughly moisturize the skin with Dr. Ci:Labo’s ACGs.
II. Add it to your current skincare product.  By adding Super-100 to a skincare product you use each day, you can create an original skincare product that accommodates your skin,
III. Use it on your body:   It is recommended, for example , for moisturizing your elbows and knees and caring for your hair and decollete.