Japan Cosme Award Winner Revuer Hair Shampoo & Conditioner 500ml
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Japan Cosme Award Winner Revuer Hair Shampoo & Conditioner 500ml
Price RM69.00 RM79.00
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At the market, shampoo products will normally be added with silicon to increase hair smoothness. Silicon is water-insoluble substance, if we use silicon-contained shampoo over the long haul, silicon will build a layer on top of our hair and scalp covering dirt and sebum makeing it difficult to be cleaned and obstruct nutrient absorption. What’s more, silicon on scalp may clog the scalp pore causing itchiness, allergy or hair fall problems.

Rêveur Shampoo is Silicon-free Shampoo. Without silicon, dirt and sebum can be cleaned thoroughly, active ingredients (nutrients) of Rêveur treatment can therefore be absorbed deeply.

Hair Treatment of Rêveur Hair Care Series ─ “Rich & Repair” and “Moist & Gloss” are silicon-contained. Hair is dead cells, it will not heal itself. If we use silicon-free shampoo to clean our hair completely and apply silicon treatment on hair, silicon can build a protective layer on hair, sealing hair from contamination and dry problems. This golden ratio allow active ingredients (nutrients) absorption and also protect our hair with silicon.

Rêveur Hair Care series treatment comprise collagen, nourishing and repairing our hair, making it soft and smooth.

★ Rêveur Hair Care series is designated for hair smoothness, please do not apply it on scalp.

Skin condition will change over different weather, body condition and age. Hence, under different circumstances, we will choose an appropriate skincare product to make our skin perfect.

Scalp is covered by hair, people often ignore the significance of scalp care. Indeed, same as our skin, scalp condition will also change over different circumstance, in addition to environmental and aged factors, dehydration or sunlight will also affect our scalp.

Scalp is foundation of our hair, same as our skin, “cleansing” and “moisturizing” are of vital importance on every day. If we use an appropriate scalp care product and make our scalp healthy, hair grow from scalp will be more beautiful and shine.

Scalp and face are composed by the same piece of skin, but varied from face, scalp has more than 3 times pores amount versus T zone of our face, and more sebum secretion. Moreover, there is no muscles under scalp, it cannot move voluntarily, blood circulation will be slower. In view of this, Rêveur developed Scalp Care series, through its ginger, ginseng, and etc. active ingredients, plus moderate message, it can effectively increase blood circulation of our scalp and create lush and beautiful hair.

Scalp Care series is completely silicon-free regardless its shampoo and treatment. Different from Hair Care series, Scalp Care series is “professional skincare product for scalp”, it has to be applied on hair and scalp together, and therefore, the treatment of Scalp Care Series is silicon-free too. In order to treat our scalp mildly, the hydrolyzed Soybean protein of Rêveur Scalp Care Series with rich amino acid, it cleanses our hair, and at the same time, create smoothness and untangled hairs.