SOS Leg Panic Leg Slimming Supplement 90tablets
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SOS Leg Panic Leg Slimming Supplement 90tablets
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Poor circulation or poor lymph flow will be the reasons of leg swelling.

Leg Panic SOS, a supplement combined with Kintoki ginger extract, Eucommia tea extract, angelica and also red pepper supports your legs.

Leg Panic SOS main feature is to discharge excess water and fats absorbed in your body.

Magnesium in tha supplement is good for removing fats!

It is safe to be taken every day.

It's a plant of Pepper department and originally from Southern Asia. It include piperine that has original sharp taste ingredient.

[Red peppers]
It's an annual plant of the Solanaceae, and it include Capsaicin that has sharp taste ingredient.

[Kintoki ginger] 
Gullah Chirac ton, that is an ingredient of the fragrance and Zingerol, that is a sharp taste ingredient are in Kintoki ginger about 4 times more than other gingers.

[Eucommia ulmoides tea]
Including Geniposidic acid, a lot of natural plant trace elements are included.

[Angelica keiskei] 
It is a perennial plant growing wild in the inside and the South Pacific bank, and carotene and a mineral, a dietary fiber are included in richness.

[Meri Rohto]
It is a kind of the herb which is alias called a sweet clover, an ingredient coumalin having a unique fragrance is included.

[Ginkgo leaves] 

Including 13 kinds of flavonoid and a special ginkgolide.