Fancl Good Choice Multivitamin Supplement for Women 20yrs (30 sachets)
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Fancl Good Choice Multivitamin Supplement for Women 20yrs (30 sachets)
Price RM129.00 RM189.00
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Fancl Good Choice - vitamin complex, designed specifically for the ladies between the ages of 20 to 30 years. The manufacturer of this product have tried to take into account the changing needs of the organism, taking into account age, so it is perfect for women who did not mention another tridtsatilenie.

[One pack contains: 1] Calcium and magnesium, and zinc (vegetable Twintose) (★), vitamin C (★), coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E and carotene (★), HTC Collagen (★), iron (vegetable Twintose) (★ mark complement the original "additives age.")

Use & Dosage

Take 1 pack of 7 tablets once a day. 


1 pack (30 days) 

30 packs (one bag of 7 tablets)

[main ingredients / one bag] Vitamin A: 208μg, vitamin D: 0.42μg, vitamin E, 50 mg of vitamin B1 ,:: 8.3mg, Vitamin B2: 4 mg of niacin: 5 mg of vitamin B6: 3.7mg, folic acid: 117μg, vitamin B12: 21μg, biotin: 166.6μg, Pantothenic acid 10 mg Vitamin C 333 mg Calcium 58 mg Iron 1.5 mg, magnesium: 29 mg, Cu: 0.23mg, zinc: 0.7mg inositol 17 mg, vitamin F (hesperidin): 2.8mg, Coenzyme Q10 3 mg beta-carotene: 2.3mg, alpha-carotene: 0.43mg, Lutein 3 mg of lycopene: 0.8mg, zeaxanthin 0.1 mg, vegetable Tsuintosu: 208mg, HTC collagen 150 mg (tripeptide-rich collagen peptide)