Cosme Awards 2020

NO. 10 – CEZANNE Make Keep Base Moist Type (皮脂テカリ防止下地 保湿タイプ セザンヌ)


Introducing the moisturizing type of the shine-preventing makeup primer made for dry skin. Now with even more coverage, this formula thoroughly covers uneven skin by camouflaging the concerned areas with its skin-colored base. Infused with 15 types of moisturizing components. Formulated to keep the skin hydrated and combat dryness all day long.


NO. 9 – rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint(ジューシーラスティングティント rom&nd)

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Achieve smooth, hydrated lips. Tint the lips with fresh colours that look like fruit juice. It smoothens uneven surfaces overtime while providing more volume to the lips.


NO. 8 – PAUL & JOE PROTECTING FOUNDATION PRIMER (プロテクティング ファンデーション プライマー ポール & ジョー ボーテ)

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A makeup primer that protects the skin during the spring and summertime from external stress such as UV rays, with a hydrating, comfort-wear formula and a luminous finish. The new formulation provides the same, serum-like hydration and radiant glow that the previous version was highly rated for.


NO.7 – CANMAKE Silky Souffle Eye Shadow(シルキースフレアイズ キャンメイク)

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The soft powders offer a light, souffle-like texture that glides smoothly over the skin. It also blends in seamlessly with the skin and stays in place to avoid a powdery, chalky finish. 


NO. 6 – La Roche-Posay ANTHELIOS UVIDEA  TONE-UP (ROSY) (UVイデア XL プロテクショントーンアップ ローズ ラ ロッシュ ポゼ)

Copyright ©La Roche-Posay

A tone brightening sunscreen with a pink tint that provides a luminous, bare skin-like glow. Introducing the rose-tinted UV block cream featuring Tone Up Technology that reflects light in numerous angles to make the skin appear flawless. 


NO. 5 – DIOR LIP GLOW OIL(ディオール アディクト リップ グロウ オイル ディオール)


This is a glossy treatment oil that nourishes the lips with cherry oil while providing a luminous finish. The cherry oil delivers hydration and nutrients to soften the lips. It creates a plump finish with plenty of shine, promoting softer lips with every use.


NO. 4 – SOFINA iP base care serum (DODAI serum)(ベースケア セラム<土台美容液> SOFINA iP)

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This is a highly concentrated, carbonated base care serum. 20 million creamy, carbonated bubbles even smaller than the pores smooth over and allow the serum to sink deep into the skin. It nourishes extremely dry, rough skin to a fully hydrated condition.


NO.3 – ELIXIR  SUPERIEUR luminous glow mist(エリクシール シュペリエル つや玉ミスト エリクシール)

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The fine mist particles provide an even layer of rich hydration that promotes suppleness and a dewy complexion. The beautifying toner and oil formulation blend together to deliver fresh moisture without ruining the makeup. 

“It is very highly recommended, so I bought one after trying out at a drug store. It solved my dry foundation problem. If you carefully adjust the usage, your make-up can last very long. A must-have item for this season.”


NO.2 – ATTENIR SKIN CLEAR CLEANSE OIL Aroma Type (スキンクリア クレンズ オイル アロマタイプ アテニア)

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This is an aroma cleansing oil that contains 5 carefully selected oils such as rockrose and immortelle oils that target stains caused by oxidization, baobab oil, and argan oil that condition the skin.


“Tested on my dry, sensitive skin for a month. I used a little bit more when removing heavy make-up. The blackhead and dead skin have improved, and my skin looks brighter. It is not necessary to wash your face again. The citrus aroma is very nice. A worthy and efficient product that I would re-purchase!”


TOP 1! Lancôme CLARIFIQUE DUAL ESSENCE LOTION(クラリフィック デュアル エッセンス ローション ランコム)

© Lancôme

This popular beautifying lotion was developed to focus on the enzymes that allow chemical reactions in the skin to occur efficiently and support the skin’s cellular turnover. The French beech tree bud extract restores moisture and firmness to the skin. This two-layer essence is fresh and comfortable, made with 3% oil. It sinks into the skin with a watery touch, leaving the skin moisturized, clear, and helps shed dead skin cells as well.

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“I was very surprised by its result, and I love it. It’s very moisturising, and I feel very refresh. I should have bought more than one bottle when its on sale. I enjoy my daily lotion routine a lot.”

“It restores clearness to my skin. I always shake till it turns milky since it contains oil. It still feels very fresh and not sticky at all. It is very comfortable.”

“I almost finished my second bottle. I was very excited when its pre-selling and Lancôme never disappoint me with their new product. I felt the changes since the first day, and it restores firmness to the skin. It might be a bit expensive, but all the ladies in their 40s should try this out!”