Chez Moi Bimayu Eyebrows Eyebrow Peeling Pack 30g
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Chez Moi Bimayu Eyebrows Eyebrow Peeling Pack 30g
Price RM69.00 RM79.00
Brand Chez Moi
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For those who have difficulty on caring eyebrows.

Can also be used to remove baby hair around mouth.
Contains pineapple and soybean extract.
Put the peeling gel following the form of eyebrow, and remove it when it dries up.
Beauty components such as pineapple and soybean penetrate into horny layers.
Clean skin around eyebrows and apply the peeling gel around eyebrows evenly. 
* don't apply around skin around eyes.  
Leave10-15 minutes peel off gentely or rinse off with water.
After that apply lotion as ordinal skin care base.
* Apply once or twice a week.
10 kinds of natural ingredietns that support smooth and bright skin:
Chlorella extract, Cucumber extract, Aloe vera extract, Arnica flower extract, Pueraria root extract, Hedera helix extract, Sambucus nigra extract, Common mallow extract, Chinese peony extract


功效: 唇部脱毛 去除 眼部 同时抑制毛生长 美白脱毛膜

使用方法:用之前清洗好肌肤 眉毛原来的形状保持,取适量本产品涂在想要去除毛毛的地方 不要涂很厚,太厚剥下时候有不好拿下来,请注意 约10~15分后,确认包完全干了的之后轻轻地请剥下。 没有剥下部分,请用清水水或用温水冲洗。 使用后请做化妆水等平素的清洗。 按照皮肤的状态,1周请使用2次左右