About Us


​​Who are we?

We at JP Cosme are specialized in Japanese products procurement & sourcing , we choose only the best brands from Japan, delivered to your doorstep at the best prices! 

Why choose us?

We believe that high street brands are not necessarily the formula to achieving beauty. Instead, we believe that everyone should and deserves to be beautiful! We believe that only through working diligently on meticulous details of our daily care routine can we achieve true and ever-lasting beauty. Forget about the expensive price tags, you can afford to be beautiful with suitable products of great quality carefully selected by us.Japan products are cheaper,of higher quality and safer as the Japanese regulation standards are very high! 

As most of our purchasings are done directly from abroad, the products are kept in a refrigerated warehouse guaranteeing their freshness while preserving their goodness. This keeps our customer's worries regarding the product quality as well as their authenticity at ease.
We utilise the most efficient courier service to ensure that you will receive your ordered goods on time so that you can carry on with your beauty routine at all times.
Plastic wrappers, "fragile" stickers and protection “bubbles” are used generously so that your products are always in good condition.

How to contact us?
If you have any doubts/suggestions/comments about us, our products or our site, do not hestitate to contact us! We can be contacted through jpcosme.enterprise@gmail.com. We'll get back to you within 24 hours​